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About Us

"Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God"  

1 Corinthians 10:31

His Glory Creations Publishing, LLC (HGC Publishing) is an International Christian Book Publishing Company which provides publishing services for clients.  We help launch and scale the creative works of new, aspiring and seasoned authors across the globe, through stories that are inspirational, empowering, life-changing or educational in nature, including fiction and non-fiction.  

Are you ready to turn your life experiences and testimony into a published book?  Do you desire assistance in making your dream of becoming a published author a reality?  If this is you, we invite you to choose us for your book publishing needs. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Our CEO is an #1 International Best Selling and 4 time best-selling author
  • We provide individual and customized services 
  • We are staffed with graphic design, editing and formatting experts
  • You will be joining a growing family of 40 plus published authors

What our clients are saying......

 “I met Felicia Lucas of His Glory Creations Publishing in September 2016.  She started working with me soon thereafter, walking me through every step of the process, and I now hold my first book in my hand!  It was a wonderful experience and once I am ready to release my next book I will probably call upon her services again. She comes highly recommended.  Two-time publishing client, Author Christine W 

" I am always impressed with Felicia’s professionalism and now I can add her leadership abilities as well. She managed 6 co-authors in an anthology with grace and patience. I am always enriched even the more each time I get to experience the greatness of Felicia Lucas! Thank you again for ALL you do!"  Two-time publishing client, Author Christine W 

"I highly recommend!!! Supported me step by step. Thank you for making my vision come to life. Will definitely be working with you again!  Author Mary H.

"Absolutely the best!!!!  Book His Glory Creations Publishing for your publishing needs!!!"  Author Shonte M.

"God has directed my path to be a part of a group of people that helped me to be delivered of my past... I found my voice and healing in the form of writing. Oh it has given me so much strength and to be the person that God has planned for me.  If you have a story to tell... contact my publisher, His Glory Creations Publishing, LLC"  Author Pamela C.

“I am an elementary school teacher and also the parent of a middle school student .  My daughter participated in a writing project with His Glory Creations Publishing.  It was so wonderful to have another adult in my daughter's life to show her that writing is important and even help her become a published author!  As an educator and a parent, I have such appreciation for Mrs. Lucas and what she has added to the education my child” Mary C.-Teacher/Parent

“The writing sessions with Mrs. Lucas were fun, enjoyable, and taught me how to be a better writer.  At first, I didn't want to participate, but now I am glad I did. She helped us to figure out important details of the prompt before we started to write. She taught us to just express our thoughts and write what we wanted to write. The prompts were thought-provoking; they really made us think about what we were writing. Overall the sessions were great.”  David L.-Student

"The creative writing class was a wonderful experience for the students who participated. The students were able to showcase their gift of creative writing in areas that is often taboo with today's youth. It was a positive experience with lasting effects. The students will be able to cherish their published work for years to come as they aspire to make their mark in our ever changing society."   Tinger P.-School Counselor

The weekly sessions with Mrs. Lucas provided him the foundation to share, develop and critique his own thoughts. Since this venture, my son's language has become more descriptive in his family conversations. Publishing the student work produced a permanent document that I will cherish forever. We are grateful for our son to have had this opportunity .Esta L.-Teacher/Parent​​


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